Yunshuoh co., td


Services and Capabilities
  • OEM
  • CNC lathe machining service
  • Turning and milling compound machining service
  • Machining diameter 2 - 50 mm
  • Machining tolerance/Dimensional accuracy: ± 0.01mm
CNC Machining Parts
With technical drawings you provide, we are capable to manufacture most precision lathing/turning and milling compound machinery parts including but not limited to

1. Butane soldering iron parts
2. Medical parts
3. Auto parts
4. Air tool parts
5. Electricity equipment parts
6. Electrical parts
7. RC vehicle parts
8. Motor shafts/Precision Shafts
9. Electronic components
10. Specialty bolts
11. Other precision machinery parts
Surface Treatment
We cooperate with surface treatment factories to provide the surface treatment including but not limited to

1. Plating
2. Anodizing
3. Heat treating
4. Rust prevention
5. Grinding
6. Black Oxide
CNC Manufacturing Materials
We are capable to manufacture most metal materials. Let us know what kind of materials you required.

1. Copper/bronze and copper alloys: beryllium copper, tungsten copper, phosphor bronze, tellurium copper
2. Alumni alloys
3. Iron
4. Steel and stainless steel (mainly SUS303)
5. POM (Polyacetal)